Brazilian La Salette Laity

Fr. Nilto Gasparetto,
M.S., and Brother
Flávio Jardim,M.S.
Recently La Salette Laity gathered for their fourth step in their formation in Pompéu in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. The theme for their sessions was “The La Salette Laity Spirituality of Reconciliation.”

The people present were very participative and came from Pompéu and others came from Belo Horizonte in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Those present included Mario Apone, National Coordinator of the La Salette Laity of Brazil, and his wife, Aparecida Apone, as well as Fr. Nilto Gasparetto, M.S., and Brother Flávio Jardim, M.S. These people helped to lead a Biblical reflection on Mary of Nazareth as an initiator of reconciliation.

Fr. Nilto Gasparetto, M.S., along with Fr. Everton, the pastor of St. Joseph the Worker Parish, celebrated Mass in the place where there will soon be built a chapel to Our Lady of La Salette. Many La Salette Laity come from his parish.


During the meeting the group of La Salette Laity had the opportunity to meet and work with members of ASCAPÉU (The Association of Waste Recyclers from Pompéu). Together, with the encouragement and help of Maria Auxiliadora, they all collected, sorted, stores, and sold some recycled objects from this association, which now is renamed after Our Lady of La Salette.

We pray that the committed people involved in this beautiful project – both La Salette Laity and members of the group, ASCAPÉU – may be blessed and enlightened by God. May God also encourage and animate our Brazilian La Salette Province at large to understand that efforts such as this are a crucial part of our ministry of reconciling our physical world back to God and are, in a special way, further the cause of peace and justice.


Members of the group ASCAPÉU, from Belo
Horizonte in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil.

(Original article from La Salette Website, Brazil translated by Fr. Almir Urbano, M.,S.)

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