All Prayers and Devotions listed in this article are availble for download at the end of the article.



We have published the “La Salette Prayerbook”, now available in the paper edition from our Attleboro Shrine Online Gift Shop and in the digital version from . It contains many of the La Salette materials listed below.


1) La Salette Novena
 is four sides (two double-sided pages) long and includes special La Salette prayers and the hymn: "Ave of La Salette" (sung to the tune of the "Lourdes Hymn"). It can be copied easily (in color or black and white) for personal or congregational use (or you can read the text from the “La Salette Prayer Book”).

2) La Salette Litany is available in English.

3) La Salette Prayers in English contain the Memorare and Dedication to Our Lady of La Salette and other beautiful prayers.

4) La Salette Hymns Part One and Part Two; these sets contain congregation word-sheets and the full accompaniment for a total of eleven hymns with La Salette words, some to familiar hymn tunes.

5) The La Salette Message and the "Ave Hymn" are used in a 10-12 minute presentation of the entire La Salette message interspersed with the "Ave of La Salette" Hymn (Lourdes Hymn). This can be used as part of a Mass or Prayer Service on the Feast of La Salette or for any day. Full instructions are included in the 7-page brochure.

scriptural-rosary6) La Salette Scripture Rosary available in English and Spanish , combines the traditional elements of the Rosary with a La Salette focus. Five mysteries which relate more directly to reconciliation have been selected from among the fifteen. We select for our meditation the five mysteries which relate more directly to the La Salette call to reconciliation.

This rosary invites us to pray within the context of that grace-filled event of La Salette — September 19, 1846. The English version is available in a pray-along edition in a two-cd set from our Attleboro Shrine Online Gift Shop and in the digital downloadable version from and from the itunes store.

7) A La Salette Way of the Cross (Stations) contains two formats: one for congregational use and one for leaders and readers.