La Salette Laity and Ongoing Education

There is a saying, “Just like fine wine, we should get better with the passage of time.” Put another way, it also means: “We can never stop growing.” This is also true of our Catholic faith.
Untitled-1Some La Salette Associates from Attleboro meeting with Fr. Silvano Marisa, M.S., La Salette Superior General (left of wall cross) and Fr. Ephen Musngi, M.S. (2nd from left), a La Salette General Councilor
Pope Francis encourages us in his Angelus message of October 7, 2013:


“Yes, Lord, our faith is small, our faith is weak, fragile, but we offer it to you just as it is, so that you will make it grow. It seems to me that it would be good for all of us to repeat this together: ‘Lord, increase our faith! … Make it grow!’ And the Lord, how does he answer? He replies: ‘If you had faith the size of a mustard seed, you could say to this mulberry tree: Be uprooted and planted in the sea, and it would obey you’" (Luke 17:6).


Over these past few years I have been privileged to be involved with our La Salette Associates. As part of the leadership team for La Salette Associates in the Attleboro area I have been forming prayer services and ongoing education information for the monthly meetings of our Associates. It came from their initial request to learn “something more” about their faith.


Learning More About Our Faith


These sessions are based on four topics: La Salette, Community, Ministry and Personal Spirituality. I have formed almost twenty sessions, each about 3-4 pages long. However these materials are not only for La Salette Associates but also for the La Salette Laity in our many ministries across our country and, in true La Salette fashion, for “all (Mary’s) people.”

The first part of each session begins with a brief faith sharing which includes a time to reflect on a scripture with a contemporary reflection pertinent to the session’s topic, some reflection questions and sharing and then concludes with prayer intentions, the Lord’s Prayer and the La Salette Invocation.

Untitled-2Following this initial time of prayer and sharing, the second part is “Learning More”, where the leader shares information ordinarily in a question-and-answer format especially designed for adults. It includes reflection questions to support further sharing of our faith. The session concludes with a prayer, often a La Salette Prayer.


Sharing Our Faith With Others


Our sharing these sessions over these past three years have encouraged me to continue to form additional ones and to share this material on our Province website:

In the upper menu on our opening page, please click “Laity” and the sessions will be listed and available for download in PDF format. These sessions can be used in various pastoral situations, such as for personal reflection, opening of meetings or prayer groups, adult education sessions, and in many other occasions. They are free for the taking.



Getting Older And Getting Better


Just as Mary herself appeared to the two children at La Salette on that brisk September morning so long ago, she wishes us to follow her Son more closely as well as learn more about and share his mission with all her people. My prayer is that we do get better in believing in her Son with the passage of time.

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