New La Salette Reflection Materials

Untitled-1In college and university environments, the phrase, “Publish or Perish” is quote familiar. There is a presumption that each teacher will publish article, books, etc. in order to demonstrate their academic talent and attain tenure.

Of course, the reasons for our publishing new La Salette materials on our website (, in paper editions, and in eBooks is much more faith-driven. It is to support and strengthen devotion to Our Lady of La Salette and deepen our faith in her loving Son.


A La Salette Laity Handbook


Our first new publication this year is the “La Salette Laity Handbook: 31 Days of Apparition Reflections, Volume One” by Fr. Jim Henault, M.S., Province Director of La Salette Laity for North America. He offers this handbook, now available in both English and Spanish, to support Catholic laity inspired by the Apparition of Our Lady of La Salette and those who have been drawn to our Weeping Mother and the principles of spirituality contained in her message at La Salette.

This resource can be a beginning-point for understanding, reflection and formation, hopefully deepening your appreciation of the depth and meaning of the La Salette Apparition and it’s place in your daily life.

The repetitive daily format of this handbook – theme, quote from Apparition and scripture, intention, reflection, and questions – is designed to deepen your experience of the biblical truths of the La Salette Apparition. This pattern gives you the opportunity to select any part of that day’s reflection that seems useful to you.

Untitled-2We hope that this daily exercise helps you enter more deeply into the conversion process that can lead you to a more authentic Christian life of faith, guided by Mary’s message, the Scriptures and brief reflections. Other volumes of this La Salette Laity Handbook will follow.


A Reflection Booklet on “The Face of the Reconciler”


Designed as a companion to the recently published book, The Face of the Reconciler; Sharing the La Salette Charism of Reconciliation, by Fr. Norman Theroux, M.S., it includes a central text from each chapter, scripture passages, reflection questions and prayers for your personal reflection or as faith sharing opportunities for those who have read his book.

This 32-page pamphlet is also useful for those who wish to learn more about the message and mission of the Weeping Mother of La Salette.

In coming years we will hopefully add to our growing library of online La Salette articles, printed books as well as digital materials in our mission to make Mary’s message known to all her people.

Note: “La Salette Laity Handbook” available from Fr. Jim Henault, M.S. (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and “Reflection Booklet on ‘The Face of the Reconciler'” is available from Fr. Ron Gagne, M.S. (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).