La Salette 2015 – Justice, Peace and Reconciliation

Untitled-12012 General Chapter in session in Willimantic, CTAs people connected in some way to the event of La Salette and our Weeping Mother, we know well from her example at La Salette that we are called as reconcilers to respond compassionately to the needy as she did with the two children, Maximin and Melanie.

Every six years, we, the La Salette Missionaries, gather in a General Chapter (three-week meeting) with worldwide representatives of our community. In 2012 we met in Willimantic, CT, to choose not only our leadership but our goals as a community for the next six years.

Among the topics these representatives discussed – and for which they made goals – included community, charism, formation, mission and laity. They also emphasized new efforts at making justice and peace an integral part of our mission. 

Our La Salette Rule calls us to be involved with issues of justice and peace as good followers of Jesus. In addition, as a missionary order, the members of the chapter concluded that:

“Attentive to the voice of God who speaks through the signs of the times, our life and mission are lived out in the light of the option for the poor and the demands of justice and peace.... We need to unite to create a global society, based on respect for nature, for universal human rights, economic justice and a culture of peace” (Letter from the Earth).

With this in mind, they declared for us the year 2015 as a “special year for reconciliation and Justice and Peace” for the entire congregation.


An International La Salette Newsletter on Catholic Social Teaching


Untitled-2In response to those statements and the expressed need for further education for Catholic Social Teaching for our membership and those to and with whom we minister, our La Salette Communications Center in Attleboro, MA, offered to produce and distribute an International La Salette Newsletter on Catholic Social Teaching, titled, La Salette 2015 – Justice, Peace, Reconciliation: Let Us Respond to the Cry of the Poor.

The following are prayerful reflections offered monthly in seven languages so that all La Salette Missionaries, and those laity connected with us, can celebrate the wisdom and challenge of our Catholic Social Teaching during this special year.

These materials can be used – as a whole or in part – for personal prayer or in our ministries or communities to begin meetings, prayer groups, Pastoral Councils, as courses in our ministries or for religious education. These materials include:

Faith Sharing: using scripture, statements from Pope Francis with reflection questions, opportunity for sharing and a concluding prayer;

Learning More...(optional): questions and answers on Catholic Social Teaching with reflection questions.

We hope that these materials can be a useful and inspiring resource for all La Salette Missionaries and the people they serve and will also accomplish one of the desired goals of the 2012 General Chapter:

• To ensure that Justice and Peace become an integral theme in all our programs..., providing all members of the Congregation (and their people) with an ample and realistic vision from a Christian perspective.

Please download any of the following PDF materials offered in A4 size (European)
and letter size (U.S.) for January, 2015: Blaming the Poor for Poverty: