Early Friends of La Salette

In the very first years after the apparition of Our Lady of La Salette, many people came forward to share their belief in and devotion to Mary’s appearance and message. These are a few notable devotees in those early years.

Untitled-1St. Jean Vianney, the Curé of Ars, Patron Saint of Secular Priests (1786-1859)

"Ah! La Salette has already done much good, but it will do even more, and later, it will always and everywhere increasingly do even more. The Blessed Virgin will give you a beautiful work to do. Continue your work with courage. She will expand your ministry and one day your successors will have members in all parts of the world." (Words addressed to Fr. Pierre Archier, M.S., shortly after becoming Superior General of the Missionaries of Our Lady of La Salette.)


St. Peter-Julian Eymard, founder of 
the Blessed Sacrament Fathers (1811-1868)

"La Salette is the universal message: ‘You will make this known to all my people,’ said the Virgin. Everywhere we speak it, whether near or far, like waves that are always swelling... This is the Holy Virgin who does everything. What a good preacher she is! She didn’t allow us to see her but we can feel it… La Salette is the great pulpit of atonement: the Stations of the Cross as well, leading us to heaven..." (Words from his sermon)

St. John Bosco, writer and educator, founder of the Salesian Community and a lay movement (1815-1888)

"Ah La Salette! (Our Lady of La Salette) had a huge influence on the entire life of Don Bosco! Especially in his famous “little words" in the evening when he talked incessantly of her and it was so good for his young men to hear! La Salette! But Don Bosco did this until the end of his life." (Testimony of Fr. Augustine Auffray, biographer of St. John Bosco)


Untitled-4St. Emilie de Rodat, mystic and founder of a French Order of Women (1787-1852)

"I found great consolation there; when the Holy Virgin appeared to the children, she was crying, and I'm confident that when I seer her (in heaven), I will find her full of joy…" (Words of the saint uttered a few hours before her death on Sept. 19, 1852, the Feast of La Salette; her feast day is the day of her death, September 19; her foundation, created in the year 1815, focused on young women and girls with difficulties, prisoners of war and people in prison.)

Untitled-5Fr. Sylvain-Marie Giraud, M.S., noted preacher, writer and spiritual director (1830-1885)

"It is obvious to anyone who opens his eyes that a terrible wrong has come upon our modern society; it is the spirit of revolt, the contempt for authority and a violent yearning for absolute independence, freedom without limits. This evil is great and it looks like it is becoming ever more pervasive on the social body so as to devour all the principles of life... Salvation is dependent partially, because nations have been made curable. Salvation is in obedience and submission to God, His word, His commandments, His Church, and at the same time, all who replace him in this world, in the temporal order, the powers that are high above us and who are according to his will.

But that respect, that total submission to any authority in the Church, in temporal societies, in the family, this act of obedience so essential to the life of souls and peoples, what is the great authority which comes to reminds us of it? It is Mary, in her glorious Appearance. Hear this solemn word that she, the Queen of Heaven, addresses to us: "If my people will not submit, I am forced to let go of the arm of my Son." (From his "Spiritual Exercises of Our Lady of La Salette.")

Untitled-6Fr. Jean Berthier, M.S., venerable, founder of the Missionaries of the Holy Family (1840-1908)

"It is to her that we owe all that we are; it is to her that I owe the little good I may have done..."

(Edited by Fr. Ron Gagne, M.S. from an article in the La Salette Publication, Celle Qui Pleure (She Who Weeps), from August-September,1960, pg. 19)

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