Our Weeping Mother – a Meditation in Wood

Untitled-1Our La Salette Retreat Center Chapel in Attleboro, MA, has a unique La Salette work of art. The sculptor has cleverly indicated the hands of the Weeping Mother without hiding her face. Her eyes are lowered, her mouth rests quietly, seemingly unable to speak. Her face blends serenity with sadness. This is an inner sorrow; there is no grimace, no contortions of pain.

Our Lady’s face looks downward in concern and compassion. Her attention is directed to earth, toward her people, and so is her prayer and all that sorrow.

Her head is set in a strongly ribbed nimbus — the symbol of divinity: she is the Mother of God, Mother of the Son of God. The artist has carved the entire figure of the Virgin, not merely a bust.

She may be the Mother of God, she may be in heaven, but her feet, shown clearly here, are set firmly together on the ground. In a single frame we see intercession flowing from her heavenly nimbus to her earthly feet, joining heaven and earth.

This splendid carving has been placed here advisedly. Our Lady wears only a small crucifix, but her head is turned toward the crucified Christ standing (directly behind the Eucharistic table on her right). All her prayer and sacrifice, the whole of her life is directed to the Christ of the Cross and the risen Lord of the altar.

Our Lady of La Salette, reconciler of sinners,
pray without ceasing for us who have recourse to you.


 La Salette Retreat Center complex in Attleboro, MA;
(right) Interior of Retreat Center Chapel.

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