La Salette Shrine – Trambileno, Italy

Aerial view of Shrine in Tramileno, Italy
Our Superior General, Fr. Silvano Marisa, M.S., was very impressed as a child by his yearly visit to the nearby La Salette Shrine in Trambileno, nestled in the mountains of the Trentino area of northern Italy. The lasting devotion to Our Lady of La Salette and the celebration of the 100th anniversary in 1956 of the apparition impressed him and led him to enter the La Salette Minor Seminary in Salmata, near Assisi, soon afterward.

Over a century and half ago, the population of the area was composed of many former emigrants who had repeatedly travelled to southeastern France for work during the summers, thus being close to the La Salette Shrine in France.

A nobleman named Rovereto wanted to express his undying gratitude to Our Lady for the care and hospitality that was given his son, who fled the area to escape the cholera epidemic and grew up strong and healthy. Urged by the deep devotion to Our Lady of La Salette in this area, he decided to build a Shrine in her honor on a nearby mountaintop.


Facade of Shrine Church
In 1863 the Shrine was expanded by adding an additional nave and later, in 1956, on the occasion of the centenary of the La Salette Apparition, the Shrine Church was enriched with decorations and impressive frescoes.

From the façade of the Shrine Church there is a stone staircase which leads below to three arches, each containing statues of one of the three phases of the apparition, wonderfully restored. The Stations of the Cross, placed like a crown surround the Shrine property, overlook the valley below.

The interior of the Shrine Church

Church sanctuary with
La Salette scene and frescoes
Upon entering the beautiful Shrine Church, you see, on the reredos of the sanctuary, wooden statues of the Weeping Mother with the two witnesses of the apparition. The body of the nave is decorated with several frescoes including the Weeping Mother seated, the Weeping Mother ascending, one of the French Shrine of Our Lady of La Salette amid the panorama of the Alps, and Mary at the foot of the Cross.

The La Salette Sanctuary, the final destination of the route for the Treasures of Trambileno, is worth a visit just for the view over the sprawling valley below. Just as with the original sight of the La Salette Apparition, this beautiful Shrine welcomes many pilgrims each year and faithfully celebrates the Feast of September 19th, in thanksgiving for the Apparition of Our Lady of La Salette, a lasting gift from heaven above.