La Salette Congregations Collaborate

Our Common Heritage, Mission and Charism

Members of the General Administration
of the Sisters of Our Lady of La Salette
There is a definite communal connection among La Salette Missionaries around the world. It is a good but somewhat mysterious bond that crosses language and country boundaries. This bond also extends to the Sisters of Our Lady of La Salette since we are drawn together by our shared charism and spirituality of reconciliation, and our connections with the La Salette event, Shrine and message.

On July 2-3, 2013, a meeting was held between the General Councils (the top organizational groups) of each congregation to explore our connections and discuss where closer collaboration is possible. The discussions produced an array of agreements which express how much we have in common and what steps they see as advantageous to both our congregations.

Untitled-2As Fr. Silvano Marisa, M.S., Superior General of the La Salette Missionaries, stated: “We pray that the collaboration between our two Salettine families will continue to grow in order to become a more apparent sign of reconciliation, which is the common patrimony to both our Congregation. We pray that such a collaboration be not only a desirable objective, but that it becomes a reality in the pursuit of our common mission.”

 Community and Collaboration

In the spirit of true fraternity and positive collaboration, after having examined the existing relationship between the two Congregations, we have decided to continue to work and collaborate more closely, as much as possible, and especially in the following areas:

• In the ministry of the Shrine in France, the cradle of our two Congregations
• In the ministry for youth, of vocation promotion and the promotion of La Salette Laity
• In the area of ongoing formation
• In the sharing of circular letters, news, to enhance mutual knowledge of the two Congregations

Our Collaboration Widens and Deepens on the Holy Mountain

The General Administration of the
Missionaries of Our Lady of La Salette

Our La Salette Shrine in France on the actual sight of the La Salette Apparition is central to both our congregations. We are now seeing ourselves as one family of Sisters, Brothers, and Fathers united by the same Charism for the proclamation of the Good News of Reconciliation. We also see our connection with La Salette Laity (in our Shrines, parishes and other ministries) as central to how we are as reconcilers. We are also convinced that the witnessing of La Salette should be seen in the unity as lived and manifested by our two Congregations along with our faithful and committed laity.

Therefore we have formulated some objectives, some areas in which we shall begin or strengthen our collaboration. They include committing ourselves:


1. Our Common Mission:
To promote this new orientation towards a common vision and collaboration
To work together towards the "promotion" of La Salette and the promotion of vocations
To invite ourselves mutually, as well as our lay collaborators, in celebration of important events.
To development a positive and unified spirit where we work together
We encourage, organize and promote pilgrimages to the Shrine of La Salette in France

La Salette Sisters and Associates
meeting on the Holy Mountain

2. At La Salette Shrine in France:
To entrust to a La Salette Sister and a member
of the international community
with continuing the Vocation Ministry, pursued together.
We also commit ourselves to accompany
(journey together with) all the lay people that work
with us at the Shrine so that they may be imbued
with the "La Salette spirit".
To commit ourselves all year round to the promotion
of the Shrine of La Salette in France

Making the Message Known

Part of “making her message known” is ensuring that our own membership is aware of what’s happening worldwide in both our congregations. Therefore in the information age, we are committing ourselves:

3. Communication:
To share our circulars, the news of our respective congregations, for a better mutual acquaintance
To exchange addresses of all our communities (Elenchus)
To sharing information for the enhancement of the existing web sites and for the creation of new ones

Mary asked: “Do You Pray Well?

Our Lady spoke specifically about the importance of daily prayer. Concerning this we have decided the following:


4. Prayer/Formation:
To celebrate each month the Novena to Our
Lady of La Salette together with our La Salette Laity
To pray for all our departed members and to
publish a common booklet of all our departed members
To participate together in our programs for preparation for those about to be perpetually professed and/or other formation programs concerning La Salette Religious Life

La Salette Feast and Devotion

Lastly, in order to spread the message, mission and devotion of Our Lady of La Salette, our congregations are completing our materials for the Vatican in order for the Feast of Our Lady of La Salette to be formally listed in the yearly liturgical calendar of the Catholic Church. May Our Lady of La Salette guide us and accompany us in this new endeavor!

Some of these topics have already been discussed at previous meetings but we have finally taken concrete steps to accomplish these common goals. As La Salette Sisters, Brothers and Priests, all connected to the La Salette event, Shrine and message, we ask the assistance of Jesus and his holy Mother to strengthen our ties that we may become more united in our efforts to make Mary’s message known and appreciated by all her people.


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