La Salette Devotion in Paraguay

Pilgrims in Paraguay
make their way to
a local Marian Shrine
At the end of April, 2013, for the community of Brazilian immigrants living in Paraguay, it is time to pray and receive the blessings of Our Lady of La Salette. After a record harvest was experienced in the region, the people felt that the best thing to do was to thank Our Lady of La Salette, seen by Brazilians as the Patroness of Farmers.

This year the preparation of the Pilgrimage featured presentations by two La Salette Missionaries, Frs. Claudino Lise and Daniel Aguirre. They visited three parishes and over ten communities to celebrate the Eucharist, pray for the coordinators as well as the subscribers to the La Salette Magazine, Revista Salette.

The theme for this year's pilgrimage in connection with the Year of Faith and the parish theme was “Mary: Strength for the Faith of Family and Youth.”


A La Salette facsimile in Paraguay
An opportunity to reflect on our faith and encourage the youth to be an initiator of faith today. The pilgrimage began with a walk of a little more than three miles. During this procession the two priests blessed the surrounding plantations and remembered those who first brought La Salette devotion to Paraguay. When the procession reached the Marian shrine, there was a recitation of the La Salette Apparition and then a Mass concelebrated by Fr. Francis Nelson Mariano, C.S, who is the pastor of the local parish of San Cristóbal and the person responsible for the ministry of that Shrine.

In the afternoon after the barbecue, a priest gave a special blessing for the sick with the monstrance. The pilgrims were then dismissed, having shared a day of faith and devotion to Mary.

(Original article on the Brazilian Province website, translated by Fr. Almir Urbano, M.S.)


A Brazilian visual of Our Lady of La Salette, Patroness
of Farmers, above a farmer’s harvesting scene, reminiscent
of the event at the field of Coin, mentioned in the apparition.

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