Our Burma Heroes

Many of our Burmese Missionaries
As the saying goes, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” I remember those days as a young student in the La Salette Seminary High School in Hartford, CT., in the late 1950’s. I often heard our returning missionaries from Burma share their fascinating stories of their ministry in what seemed to me to be another world. As they gave their testimonies to us 100 teenagers, despite the early hour (7AM), we were transfixed by their stories of faith in that very challenging and remote part of the world.

As years passed, I fortunately got to meet or hear about every La Salette that served in our Burma Missions. Our very active Hartford Mission Circles in our seminary as well as those La Salette Mission Clubs scattered across New England, were tremendously supportive of our “Burma Heroes”, those La Salettes who left family and country to serve in that far away vineyard of the Lord. These were impressive men of faith and I was proud to be connected to and supportive of their efforts to spread the Catholic Faith.


A Special Anniversary

Just about a year ago, Fr. Joseph Bachand, M.S., our then-Provincial Superior, asked me, in honor of our coming 75th anniversary of establishing our mission in Burma, to publish Fr. William Doherty’s “Short History of La Salette in Burma” which Fr. Doherty had penned many years ago. As I read through his text, I was caught up again in the wonderful ministry that fascinated me as a youngster.

On Nov. 18, 2005, the Celebration of the
Reimplantation of the La Salette Missionaries
in Burma (Myanmar) at the Marian Shrine
in Chanthagone, Mandalay, Myanmar
With the help of the scanned visuals from our archives in our Rome House as well as the several North American La Salette Publications over the years, including Celle Qui Pleure, Our Lady’s Missionary and a few international publications like Les Annales from the Holy Mountain in France, I gathered several thousand visuals of our tireless Burma Missionaries.

I am pleased to announce that our Province has finally published, “A Brief History of the La Salette Mission in Burma” by Fr. William Doherty, M.S. – 66 pages – with ample visuals to bring the text alive. I hope that you will take the opportunity to learn more about this mission which, after so many years, is now welcoming seminarians into our newly-reestablished community in Burma.

We want to make this small book available to you at no cost in a PDF format so you can easily download it from our Province website. So, please take the opportunity to acquaint yourself with the heroic foundation of our mission in Burma (now called Myanmar).

Download a Free Copy!

We invite you to download a free copy of “A Brief History of the La Salette Mission in Burma” by Fr. William Doherty, M.S., a fascinating account of our missionary work in Burma (1937-2012). If you wish a paper copy, please contact Fr. Ron Gagne, M.S., at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.