Daily La Salette Ministry in Myanmar

shrine.jpgMary not only wept at La Salette; she also brought the good news of conversion. She invited involvement in her message and gave the mandate to “make this known to all my people.”
Following the message of Our Lady of La Salette, we members of the La Salette community in Myanmar are now in our fifth year of re-establishing the La Salette Mission, celebrtated on Nov. 18, 2005. We presently minister in a wide range of ministries. We are involved in pastoral ministry in four parishes and in formation ministry at three seminaries. Our central facilities are at the Chanthangone Shrine, in the Archdiocese of Mandalay. We also serve as spiritual directors for those in the Pre-Major Seminary in the diocese of Myitkyina.

Parish of Our Lady of Holy Rosary:
 Since 2005, we have settled here at the Marian Shrine in Chanthagone. Fr. Bernie Taylor, M.S., was the first LA Salette to serve here and others have followed. We are involved here in two ministries: a parish and a Marian Shrine.

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Reconciling “The Least of These” at Villeurbanne

Jesus welcomes the
 children of the world

This article was written in the La Salette Publication, “Reconciliare” in May of 1967 and describes an extraordinary ministry of reconciliation that was founded and led by the La Salettes for many years but has finally been closed.

 ‘“And the king will say to them in reply, ‘Amen, I say to you, whatever you did for one of these least of mine, you did for me’” (Matt 25:40).

“The Home at 46!” 46 Cours de la République was the address of an institute for boys run by the La Salette Fathers at Lyon-Villeurbanne, France. There were nearly one hundred boys living there, from nine to fifteen years of age, boys who came seeking shelter and found a home. Some sixty of them are “maladjusted” or abandoned orphans, while most of the others are children of divorced parents. Suffering the loss of father or mother, the “wretched refuse” of broken homes, they are severely handicapped even in their youth. The majority of them come from the general area of Lyon.

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La Salette Ministries—Indian Style

ministiesindian_title.jpgOur New Prayer Garden

The La Salette Prarthanaram (prayer garden) is a new addition to the La Salette Ashram Kayakunnu, Wayanad. It's a great blessing to the Ashram and the people around and to the province at large. It helps the people to pray well as the garden offers a silent and prayerful atmosphere. The garden, spread over 12,000 square feet, is beautifully landscaped by experts. It contains flowers of various types, some small hills, and a small pond which gathers the water flowing from Gagultha (Calvary) at the twelfth station in the Stations of the Cross.

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Meet Fr. Louis-Ernest Razakarisoa


Fr. Louis-Ernest
Razakarisoa, M.S.

My name is Fr. Louis-Ernest Razakarisoa, MS. I am from the central high plateau region of Madagascar, just a few miles from where the first La Salette Missionaries came to minister in 1899. I lived in the small village of Sarobaratra (“where there is much lighting”). We were 10 children – two girls and eight boys – and all are still living. I was the sixth, born in 1957. My father had been the teacher in the elementary school of our village. The salary was insufficient to feed all of his children so he stopped teaching and became a farmer – cultivating mostly rice, corn, cassava and various vegetables – so we all could be nourished.

At five I began my studies in the village school where my father had taught. There were only six grades. If I stayed there my schooling would soon have been over. In the family we prayed together almost every night, and through those prayers I learned about Our Lady of La Salette. So at age 13 I left the village and entered the La Salette seminary to continue my studies. Not all my time was spent with my nose in the books. I loved to play football – called soccer here in America. Although not an excellent player, I was pretty good.


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