Our First Days in Tanzania

Habari! Greetings from Tanzania!

Untitled-1A gathering of concelebrants for MassWe would like to give you some news from here in Tanzania since our Superior General, Fr. Silvano Mrisa, M.S., left on July 24, 2016. In our first month here, some of the diocesan clergy who were not able to attend the inauguration on the July 17th were coming to visit us and to personally welcome us into the Bukoba Diocese. We experienced the warm welcome from every priest that we met here as well as from the religious (women) in the diocese.

Our parish is composed of 43 Small Christian Communities from the 15 villages entrusted to our care. For now, we already visited some of the villages and celebrated Mass there but we are not yet visited half of them. We have 3 sub-stations, including the Parish Center.

Here are some of the highlights of our stay here:

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A Time to Celebrate La Salette – 1846-2016

Untitled-1The Weeping Mother by the French artist, ArcabasWe are reminded in the La Salette Rule of Life that: “Invoked under the title of Our Lady of La Salette, Reconciler of Sinners, Mary is the Patroness of the Congregation. The anniversary of her Apparition is celebrated with solemnity by all the Missionaries of Our Lady of La Salette.” (Rule of Life, 2cp)

Pope Francis also recites again the marvelous qualities of God: “Throughout the history of humanity, God will always be the One who is present, near, provident, holy and merciful” (Misericordiae Vultus, #6)…


Our Merciful Mother of La Salette


. . . for 170 years the Beautiful Lady’s message of reconciliation and of mercy has resounded throughout the Church and the world, thanks above all to the witnessing of the shepherds, Maximin and Melanie, and that of the Missionaries and Sisters of La Salette who have accepted this heritage; as well as the witnessing of so many faithful laity – men and women who have embraced and appropriated for themselves this charism of the Apparition.

This is truly a significant host of persons who have been touched by the tears of the Virgin, and who have not hesitated, throughout these years, to commit themselves in their journey of personal and community faith, to announcing and spreading the Gospel in light of what has transpired on the Mountain of La Salette September 19, 1846.

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Chapel in Kimony, Madagascar

With a great full and joy filled heart I am happy to announce that the construction of the St. Reginald Chapel in Kimony, Madagascar has been completed. I give thanks to God for all the generous benefactors, family and friends who have contributed to make this chapel in memory of my dear departed youngest brother, Reginald Morais.
Untitled-1Fr. Jeremy with some of the local children in front of the new chapel in Kimony, Madagascar.
The St. Reginald Chapel in Kimony, Madagascar has been erected by our Bishop Raharilamboniaina Marie Fabien OCD (Bishop of the Diocese of Morondava) as a Chapel directly connected and responsible to the Cathedral Maria Manjaka (Cathedral Mary Queen) in Morondava.


A Day to Remember


The dedication of the St. Reginald Chapel in Kimony took place almost a year ago on October 4, 2015. Because of the absence of the Bishop and Vicar General of the Diocese it was confided to me as Pastor of the Cathedral to dedicate and bless the new chapel.

The Mass at the Cathedral was canceled and all the Christians of the Cathedral came to Kimony as a gesture of solidarity and symbol that this chapel belongs directly to the Cathedral of Morondava. In Malagasy we say the St. Reginald Chapel in Kimony is a “zanak-piangonana ny Katedraly Maria Manjaka”, (translated, “the chapel is a child or son of the Mother Church of the Cathedral, Mary Queen of Morondava”).

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La Salette Welcomed into Tanzania

Untitled-1These few lines are being sent to you after our return almost two months ago to Rome from Tanzania. Fr. Adilson and I have lived unforgettable moments, which certainly are very historical, with the opening of a La Salette Community in Rutete, in the Diocese of Bukoba, in northwest Tanzania, in conjunction with the commemoration of the 170th anniversary of the Apparition and the celebration of the extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy proclaimed by Pope Francis.


Our First La Salette Presence in Tanzania


Our road of discernment which lasted a few years, involved the Diocese of Bukoba, the General Council, the Council of the Congregation and the whole Congregation. Happily it culminated on July 15, 2016 with the arrival of our three confreres onto Tanzanian soil in order to begin the first La Salette presence in that country.

On Sunday, July 17th, I was accompanied by Fr. Adilson Schio, M.S.,our Vicar General, Fr. Rosanno Soriano, M.S., Provincial Superior of the Philippines and three other La Salette Missionaries: Fr. Manuel dela Cruz, M. S. (Philippines) Fr. Dileesh Poriamvelil, M.S. (India) and Fr. Aldrin Cenizal, M.S. (Philippines), as well as by Bishop Desiderius Rwoma, the Ordinary of the Diocese of Bukoba, and Bishop Methodius Kilaini, Auxiliary Bishop.


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Protecting Myanmar’s Minorities

Editor: Aware that a number of our La Salettes are ministering in Myanmar, we share this information about their freedom and safety and ask for your prayers. Note that there are some 500,000 Catholics in Myanmar – around one percent of its 51 million people. Overall Christians are thought to make up about four percent of the country's population, Muslims are another four percent and Buddhists around 90 percent, with other religions including Hinduism and animism.

Untitled-1Some of our native Myanmar La Salettes (seated) welcome other La Salettes from around the world.As Wikipedia states: “A non-governmental organization (NGO) is any non-profit, voluntary citizens' group which is organized on a local, national or international level.”

“Recently Myanmar NGOs have asked the government about ‘protecting religious minorities from attacks by Buddhist nationalists’.

“They asked that the government to take urgent measures to protect the most vulnerable religious minorities in the country… A forum of eleven NGOs launched this appeal in order to protect human rights in Myanmar, after the two recent violent attacks against Muslims by Buddhist groups.


• On July 1, 2016, a mosque was destroyed by a mob in Hpakant, a village in the state of Kachin.
• On June 23, 2016, a massive attack destroyed a mosque, a school and several houses in a village of Bago District, in the center of Myanmar.


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