La Salette Feast – California Style

In our parish of St. Christopher’s in Moreno Valley, California, the story of the Apparition of Our Lady of La Salette was not very well known by our parishioners. However over the last three years, through our persistent efforts as Lay La Salettes, the message and mission of Our Lady of La Salette is fortunately becoming more familiar to our people.

2011 – An Intercultural La Salette Liturgy for All Her People

Outdoor Candlelight Procession
In September of 2011, on the occasion of the celebration of the 165th anniversary of the La Salette Apparition, we decided to make a major effort to spread the good news. With the support of Fr. Joven Junio, M.S., our pastor, we involved members of the several ethnic groups of our parish in the La Salette Sunday Liturgy. We received participation from our Euro-Americans, Native Americans, Hispanics, Vietnamese, Filipinos, Koreans, Pacific islanders, African-Americans, those recent immigrants from Africa: Uganda, Sierra Leone as well as many of our young people. We also asked these communities to share the food of their country for fellowship after the Mass.

We invited two younger children, a girl and a boy, to be Readers; the General Intercessions and Mass music were multilingual and our celebrations were applauded by our parish community.

2012 and 2013 – Making Our Intercultural Experience Better

Procession with Native
American parishioners

We Lay La Salettes who attended the First International Encounter of the La Salette Laity, at La Salette, France, in September of 2011, brought home with us some enriching ideas to make the story of the apparition and its message better known to our parishioners. This year we provided many ways to get to know more about La Salette, including articles on the apparition, La Salette exhibits, the La Salette Novena, and yearly January workshops on the La Salette event presented during the annual Adult Faith Formation Week.

Moreover, two years ago we began the tradition of the Candlelight Procession like that on the Holy Mountain, using the French “flambeau candle holders” from France. This seemed to connect us well to the actual sight of the Apparition. Our parishioners really liked it. This year our flambeau procession took place on a beautiful moonlit night. Also this year we offered a dramatization of the story of La Salette and used both and English and Spanish texts for our Masses.

Fr. Joven, our pastor, said: “Now the people in our parish – especially our Hispanic parishioners – have come to know the story of the apparition of Our Lady of La Salette.”

Making Her Message Known

Our youth reader for Mass

With the help of Our Lady of La Salette, we continue to spread her message. This is also happening now in two other parishes in the Diocese of San Bernardino, CA, also served by the La Salette Missionaries from the Philippines.

In our own little way, Lay La Salettes, we have also brought the La Salette message and devotion to a neighboring parish, which is served by the Divine Word Missionaries. We have a zealous commitment to continue to make message known to all her people.




La Salette Associates in St. Christopher’s, Moreno Valley, CA
(L to R): David Lara-Tellez, Rita Santos, Leticia Cadelina,
Isabel M. Dion, Paul Dion and Eugene Di Cesaris.