New Parish in Haiti

When Mary appeared at La Salette to the two poor, unschooled cowherds, she was teaching us by her attitude of concern and compassion as well as by her words, that we must reach out to “all her people,” especially to the most needy.

St. Anne’s Church in Haute Feuille, Haiti
From its very beginnings, the Parish of Our Lady of the Cape in Brewster, MA, has been reaching out in many ways. Its own local community certainly has its own needs. Also their increased summer membership who come to share in the parish’s vibrancy and faith is another event of outreach. But the parish community’s significant 25-year efforts in its ministry of twinning with Saint Claire’s Parish in Dessalines, Haiti, is simply exceptional and yet a true blessing for all concerned.

From the first establishment of their connection with and visits to the main church in Dessalines, the parishioners of Our Lady of the Cape have given of their time, talent and treasure so that their sister parish could continue and flourish, including its eight chapels, a clinic and five schools with an enrollment of 3,000 students. The needs of their sister parish in Haiti are extensive and their response of deep gratitude has been just wonderful.


A New Parish for the La Salettes

(from left) Fr. Alexis, past pastor of St. Claire’s, signing
documents of transfer; Bp. Péan of Gonaïves presiding
at the ceremony; Fr. Evariste, new pastor.
Because of this long association with La Salette and the recommendation of Father Marc-Edy, the previous pastor of Saint Claire’s, the Bishop of Gonaïves decided to divide the parish and entrust the pastoral care of the newly formed parish to the Missionaries of Our Lady of La Salette.

The celebration of the erection of Saint Anne’s in Haute Feuille took place at Mass on June 23rd, 2013 with Bishop Yves-Marie Péan presiding. The new parish includes the main church of Saint Anne and St. Maria Goretti School, Immaculate Conception Chapel and School, and Our Lady of La Salette Chapel. The enrollment at the two schools is about 600 students.

Father Evariste Ralohotsy, M.S., has been named the pastor of the new parish. Father Hervé Rafalimanantsoa, M.S., has been named administrator of the other La Salette Parish in Bayonnais.

All Her People

We witness again the enduring missionary spirit of the La Salettes who are most willingly to serve in this newly established mission in Haiti. Personnel for our parishes in Haiti come from the Province of Madagascar and the funding is provided by the Province in North America. Thanks be to God, we are able to reach out to her needy people in Haiti as we have done for so many years in over twenty-three countries around the world since our founding event in 1846 on that Holy Mountain in the pristine Alps of southeastern France.


(from left) Parishioners celebrate with the band from
Saint Claire’s in Dessaline; map of Diocese of Gonaïves

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