La Salette YouTube Videos

 Youtube founders
From left to right: Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim.

In this digital age, we often hear about “YouTube” videos. Like many other elements of our digital society, this video-sharing website and service was only founded in 2005 and is now owned by Google. It is available in 57 countries.

 Its social impact is enormous, offering people a way of sharing videos, songs and other educational and personal content with the world at large. It’s easy to use and delivers about 100 million videos a day to its users from its store of 33.2 billion online videos. Unbelievable! Its statistics are even more astounding:

• Music videos (31%), entertainment (15%) and people and blogs (11%)
• Average length of videos is 4:12 minutes
• 20-to-35 year old bloggers are most frequent users of imbedded videos
• Some videos have been watched by nearly 425,000 people

Religious groups also use this service as a way of sharing their faith with others including weddings, ordinations, graduations, and the like. We offer you some of the content about La Salette that is presently on YouTube.

La Salette Apparition Message:

Images of Our Lady of La Salette from the Philippines, celebrating her feast day, Sept. 19, by Sergio Yuzon, Jr. with “Ave Maria” soundtrack (4:51 min.)

Text of the Apparition and Prayer of Consecration with music and visuals (2:52 min)

Untitled-2The Holy Mountain in France:

Reflective tour  (4:47 min)

Organ Concert on June 6, 2010  (3:45 min)

Slide show (3:22 min)

Slide Show (including beautiful pictures by the French artist, Arcabas, in the Basilica) (1:59 min)

First International Lay Encounter on the Holy Mountain in Sept. 2011 (21:58 min)

La Salette National Shrine, Attleboro, MA:

Portrait of Fr.
André Patenaude, M.S

Ave Maria:
Fr. André Patenaude, M.S., sings the “Ave Maria” (3:53 min)

2011 Christmas Festival of Lights with Fr. André Patenaude, M.S., singing “Feliz Navidad”  (3:54 min)

Fr. Manuel Pereira, M.S., explains in Portuguese the history and significance of the Portuguese “Presepio” (Portuguese: Presépio Historias do Natal parte 1) (8:21 min)

Presépio at 2009 Christmas Festival of Lights (interview and music in Portuguese) (7:09 min]

Other events:

2009 Brazilian Pilgrimage Mass (9:18 min):

2011 Vietnamese pilgrimage (Hanh Huong Duc Me) (14:27 min)

2012 Blessing of Motorcycles with about 300 cycles (9:25 min)

2013 Blessing of Motorcycles with about 400 cycles (with hard rock background music)  (5:52 min)

The University of La Salette in the Philippines:
La Salette Hymn with graduation pictures  (2:29 min)

Hail to you, dear Alma Mater, ULS, to you we sing.
We declare your zeal with fervor; Your ideals we proclaim.

Hearts with pride are ever loyal To your visions that we live;
Freedom, fullness, truth and kindness, Gently, selflessly you give.

Let us now with prayer and penance, Replicate your zeal divine;
May we be the Reconcilers You have taught us to become.

The University of La Salette, Our Mother, Teacher, Friend and Guide;
The University of La Salette, Our joy and pride!

Explains in subtitles the history and purpose of La Salette University (2:27 min)