Cement, Laughter and a Baptism

We can now mix cement
with the best of them!

Editor: As he has done for many years, Fr. Ted Brown, M.S., Campus Minister at Long Island University, has led a group of his college students to work with the poor in Mexico. Here is one of the blogs of those participating in this yearly mission of mercy. Why not read reflections from others as well!

Yesterday we went to two different work sites for work. One group went back to Norma's house and another group met Ofelia and her family. At her house we continued to dig a trench in her backyard, laid bricks (building the walls of the home) and tied steel reinforcement bar (re-bar) into the cement.

It was a hard day with sore muscles, but with continued energy from the uplifting orphanage experience and the support of friends we pushed through the pain.

Fr. Ted gets doused with water,
a surprise baptism

We exemplified true teamwork and cooperation. We formed a line where we passed buckets of cement to one another. When someone saw me struggle they were quick to help, and visa versa. If someone needed help, I would be there to jump in. It was teamwork at it's finest.

Between that and our line of brick-passing, cultures, language and other barriers were broken down and everyone was there to help each other. We were there for the same reason, to build a house... a home.. a better world. Not to mention that in the process, Father Ted got 'Baptized' while washing the cement off the buckets. I couldn't help but get Fr. Ted with a bucket of cold water.

Local musicians serenade
people on the street

Smiles and team work made day four another rewarding one. We can't believe how fast it is going.

After work we went to Eduardo's friend's restaurant the "Ana del Mar" in Puerto Nuevo. Before dinner we went shopping in the quaint fishing village.

Many shop owners were trying to draw us into their restaurant with their promo's but we ate at the Ana del Mar because it is supporting a local business. Warm Mexican hospitality was present from the owners Antonio and Ana, not to mention the delicious food.

A fun night of laughs and full bellies left us for a final day of hard work.


Our whole gang, a true community of helpers