Las Termas, Argentina – 50 Years of Service

Note: Father Robert Butler, Regional Superior of the Missionaries of La Salette, spoke before hundreds who had come to the Parish of Perpetual Help Church in Las Termas de Rio Hondo, Argentina, to honor the priests who have faithfully and fruitfully served during this period.

Untitled 1La Salette Frs. Steve Krisanda (left), Jack Bradford (2nd from left) and Jim Weeks (extreme right) with previous pastor of Our Lady of Perpetual help in Las Termas de Rio Hondo, Argentina in 1965 as they began their new missionFifty years are not so many but are not so few. They are the years that we, the Missionaries of Our Lady of La Salette, have given to the human and spiritual growth of our people as we fulfill our mission begun from the Parish of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Las Termas de Rio Hondo those many years ago.

We have been able to build on the work of others like Father Bringas. Concretely we have contributed with our charism of reconciliation, always eliciting the participation and solidarity of the laity, who responded generously. This work in favor of the whole person is seen particularly with the Saint Louis Gonzaga Athletic Club, the Basket Festival, and the Parish Secretariat for Human Rights and Social Ministries.

We want to remember in a special way the first three Missionaries of La Salette who came to this La Termas Parish: Fathers John Bradford, Stephen Krisanda and James Weeks. They were young but already had pastoral experience and dedicated themselves in this parish, ministering both in the countryside as well as in this city.

All of them came to be loved very much by the people and, in turn, the La Salette Missionaries came to love them and devote themselves entirely to those to whom they had been sent, especially to the poorest. After these dedicated men came many more Missionaries of La Salette with the same spirit of service and love for the people and they also made their own special contribution.

Hopefully, we can continue indefinitely with this work of love. Pray for vocations to the Religious Life and Priestly Life. Encourage the youth who might be interested in discovering if God is calling then to this life, and perhaps even as Missionaries of La Salette.