Kids say the darndest things

Untitled-1As we go through some of the letters the kids from Namibia wrote to Arpita Joyce – always in conjunction with her project ( We recognize that kids do say the darnedest things! Once again we bring you their letters as they wrote them. Remember English is their third or fourth language.

Hy, my friend.

My name is Frieda all the way from Objozongarmbe. I’m schooling at Opuwo Good Shepherd Pre-school. I am 6 years old now. I think that I grown up and I have a responsibility. I’m no more a baby!


At home I stay with Mom and Dad. My Dad buy me an alarm clock which is make me audible. When I hear it ringing, I throw the blanket away and I wake up. I go to shower. I comp my hair. I wear my clothes. I drink tea. I take my school bag. Then I go to school.

At school I find my teacher and some children are already there. If some children are coming late at school, I laugh at them. And I say, “You are late. Don’t be late any more!” But my teacher use to stop me not to say that. But they are coming late!

Another one begins in this way:

Untitled-2Hi Fr. Jack or Aripta Joice.

My name is Georgina Salomon. I am 9 years old and I’m schooling at the lower primary school. Before I start at lower primary I were at Good Shepherd Pre-school. Now I am in Grade 3.

I like to go to school every day and I want to tell you about my future. In the future I want to be a nurse. I want to help the people who are sick, epecially those with H.I.V. Aids. And to treat all the children who born with the diseas. That’s why I want to learn and to complete my education.

Here are some more letters from the school children in Namibia which we would like to share with you just as they were written. Fr. Avelino is Fr. Avelino Sangameya, M.S. He is one of our young Angolan priests who has served in the Opuwo, Namibia mission.

Hallow Fr. Jack.

How are you I am fine. I am Frankie Salomon. I am 8 years old who like the school so much. I wich that one day I will be a pastor or a Father. And I just want to be like Fr. Avelino. The way he preach is the way I want to preach one day. Fr. Avelino teach us nice songs in the church. He also give us sweets if we come to church and he help us a lot. That is why I want to be a priest. I want to help all the poor people one day.

One last letter:


How are you over there? Here in Namibia at Good Shepherd pre-school we are fine. My name is Kanvangua I’m 6 years old and I’m a beautiful girl with brown eyes. I come from Ongango. I like to come to school, but the thing which I don’t like at school is to write. I like just to play with dolls.

I don’t have a friend at school. My friend is at our village. I am happy because she use to phone me if she is missing me. At our village we use to stay with my Grand Ma and my uncle. Every morning we go to milk the cow. When we come from the holiday I use to carry milk in the bottle for drinking at school.

These children and their families are being helped by our La Salette priests and sisters. This is truly a work of reconciliation.

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