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kuczynski.jpgCatholic Charities Atlanta held its third annual gala on Thursday, April 15, at 6 p.m. at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre in Atlanta. In honor of the Year for Priests, three priests of the archdiocese were honored for their particularly supportive of the work. Among them was La Salette Father Jim Kuczynski, M.S., pastor of St. Thomas the Apostle Church in Smyrna, GA.

In the program for the evening, he was described as: “A compassionate servant leader for what is perhaps the largest and most diverse parish in the Archdiocese, St. Thomas the Apostle, Fr. Jim is an unwavering voice for Catholic Charities Atlanta. He, his staff and his parishioners support our Village of St. Joseph Counseling Program and implement many of the Catholic Charities Parish and Social Justice Ministries initiatives, including Justice for Immigrants, Just Faith and the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.” His parish is nearly half Hispanic.

Sacred Heart Parish
Served by the Missionaries of Our Lady of La Salette


Sacred Heart Church in Lebanon, NH is Rededicated



Dear Co-Missioners,

Greetings from a sunny Cochabamba, Bolivia where another experience offers me the opportunity to share a bit of our reality with you and those who helped to make this project possible.

Last Sunday I visited one of the neighborhoods that I will be accompanying this year, Villa Urkupiña. It is named after the most popular devotion to Mary here in Bolivia, Our Lady of Urkupiña, a quechua language expression meaning roughly “she is up there”.
I had good luck since it was a day when the local school community was out in full, planting trees and

Overlooking the Poor
and Crowded City

I have just returned from my visit to Haiti. I postponed my trip due to the earthquake. Father Marc-Edy and the Sisters really wanted me to go down to see what is happening. The money we raised for the earthquake victims was close to $170,000. Amazing! We have already sent $109,000 by wire transfers.
We made a contribution to Matthew 25 House and to St. Jude’s Parish in Port-au-Prince which is in the middle of the disaster zone. The greater portion went to Saint Claire’s which had taken in many families and 350 displaced children into the four schools of the parish.
As you may know, the La Salette Missionaries have several schools in the Philippines. When they heard about the earthquake and my involvement with Haiti, they asked the students to give a donation for the earthquake victims. The Filippino students collected $1,200 which they sent to me. I told the students that this money will be used for scholarships to help some of the 350 displaced children from Port-au-Prince enrolled in the parish schools of Saint Claire’s.
As you may know, the Bishop of Gonaïves has offered the Missionaries of La Salette a parish in his Diocese. Right now, there is only a small chapel building in a place called Bayonnais. It’s about 2 hours north of Dessalines (5.5 hours north of Port-au-Prince). The Bishop wishes that the La Salettes establish a parish in that area. The name of the chapel is Sainte Monique (St. Monica’s).


The Good Shepherd Parish staffed by La Salettes supported the School in welcoming Haitian victims of the earthquake. In the aftermath of the January 12, 2010 earthquake in Haiti, the Good Shepherd Catholic School community has mobilized to assist three displaced Haitian families with meeting their immediate and future needs as they transition to the United States.

The first family arrived a week after the earthquake. The mother came with her two daughters. There was an outpouring of love and concern shown by many donations from the Good Shepherd community. The donations included uniforms, school supplies, shoes and food for the refugee family. The two girls have made friends easily and adapted quickly at the school. One is in the eighth grade and the other is in the third grade. They came with the blessing of having some knowledge of English.  Two weeks later two more families arrived. These families came with nothing and without relatives. They had neither belongings nor a place to live. The father and the mother arrived with their children, two boys and three girls. The father’s sister’s family, a mother with three daughters, is the third family. The eight children range in age from 18 months to 15 years. These families only speak Creole so the learning curve is quite challenging.

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La Salette Missionaries, Province of Mary, Mother of the Americas

Our Community: The Missionaries of Our Lady of La Salette are deeply rooted in the Apparition of Our Lady of La Salette which occurred near the hamlet of La Salette in southeastern France on Sept. 19, 1846. The Missionaries were founded in 1852 by Bp. Philbert de Bruillard, Bishop of Grenoble, France, and presently serve in some 25 countries.

Our Province: The Province of Mary, Mother of the Americas, was founded in 2000AD and is one of several provinces in the congregation. The members of this Province serve mainly in the countries of Canada, the United States and the Region of Argentina/Bolivia.

Our Mission: Our La Salette ministry of reconciliation responds to the broad vision given by Mary at La Salette as well as in response to the needs of the Church. As reconcilers, we together with the laity take seriously Mary’s mandate: “You will make (Mary’s) message known to all (her) people.”