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We welcome you to the special alumni section of our website. Here you will find We offer this information in hopes that you may want to look through the many pictures and lists to stir your memory of your life as a La Salette student.

Ever since the arrival of the first two La Salette Missionaries in North America in 1892, our ministry has been constantly intertwined with our school ministry on the High School, College and Graduate levels. Below you will find the history of most of our schools.

Below you will see a listing of the various schools.  Please click on your school to see many pictures , student contact lists and other materials.

We have also digitized and remastered a number of school yearbooks which you can find below.

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La Salette in Milford, Iowa

La Salette in Milford, Iowa

Milford_Iowa_014.jpgSince the coming of the La Salette Missionaries to North America, we have served as Missionaries in several places across this continent. One such place was rural Milford, Iowa. Recently an alumnus asked about our ministry there. The following history is given in response to his question.

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La Salette in Hartford, CT

1920s_Early-students-with-Fr-Galvin.jpgLa Salette in Hartford, CT

The first La Salette Seminary High School was established in Hartford, CT, the founding city of the La Salette’s North American Mission. The property was purchased in 1894 the La Salettes purchased 10 acres on New Park Avenue where it built a seminary.

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La Salette in Cheshire, CT

La Salette in Cheshire, CT

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Beginnings: 1957

Untitled-1.jpgWith the student body in the La Salette Seminary in Hartford, CT, reaching over 100 students, the La Salette Missionaries saw the need to move their High School Seminary to a large facility.

In March of 1957 the La Salette Missionaries bought 106 acres of farmland on 475 Oak Avenue in Cheshire, CT. It included a farmhouse, a barn, a silo and a ramshackle shed. Invited to preside was Fr. Jean Roux, M.S., who blessed the property and residence on Aug 15, 1957. He was chosen because he had come to the U.S. from France in 1895. Assisting him was Fr. Charles Kirby, M.S., who, more than 50 years previous, was one of the first American students to enter the La Salette College in Hartford.

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La Salette in Bloomfield, CT

La Salette in Bloomfield, CT


Strong Growth: 1914-1956

1914: The original La Salette Villa in Bloomfield, Ct, used as a place
for picnics and outings for the La Salette Missionaries and seminarians

From the Hartford House’s foundation in 1892, the Parkville area of Hartford was growing rapidly and the La Salette Seminary College became very crowded. It soon became obvious that it could no longer accommodate all the categories which occupied it. The La Salette Missionaries saw the need for a separate residence, a Novitiate House, as the best solution.

Consequently in 1913 they purchased a farm at 130 Mountain Ave. in Bloomfield, CT., a little over six miles from the College and originally named the Capt. Oliver Filley House. Oliver was both a tinware manufacturer and a farmer and could trace his ancestry back to the Mayflower. (see more information below)

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La Salette in Attleboro, MA

La Salette in Attleboro, MA

Sanitorium of Attleboro Springs (Castle)

Untitled-1.jpg1894, Spring: In Attleboro, MA, James M. Solomon, long to be known as an Indian Doctor (but who, in fact, was neither an American Indian nor a medical doctor), was gathering herbs and roots in the woods on this property; he was a medicine man, who concocted and peddled herbal remedies; he dreamed of a great sanatorium which he would one day build on this very spot; here people would come from all corners of the world to be healed ... cured of that dread disease, cancer.

1894, Summer: O. F. Higgins, a civil engineer, was engaged to survey and lay out these grounds; he was also commissioned to trace out the position of a great stone building of Dr. Solomon's dreams.

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La Salette in Altamont, NY

La Salette in Altamont, NY

Foundation Years: 1924-1929

Convent of Sisters of Mercy, Altamont, NY

The building was first constructed in the town of Guilderland, NY, in the Helderburg Mountains of east central New York State in 1885 by Colonel W. S. Church, an adventurer and pioneer real estate developer from Binghamton, NY. HE called his rambling, rustic structure Kushaqua, and advertised it extensively to metropolitan vacationers who wanted the scenery and refreshing air of the Helder Hills. The village of Altamont was incorporated in 1890 and is most famous for its yearly fair, established in 1893.

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Driving Miss Mary

Fr. Arthur Deneault, MS

Romeo the painter was just what Fr. Arthur Deneault, M.S. (1887-1979), his priest-brother, was looking for. He wasn't the Rembrandt kind of painter—more a wall-to-wall kind of painter. The newly acquired property of Enfield, in the foothills of New Hampshire, needed a bit of sprucing up, some freshening that only a few coats of paint could accomplish.

This was 1931-32 when the country had sunk into the well of the Great Depression and people weren't panting after painters to color their houses. Romeo “had time on his hands” as the Depression expression went, and he was eager to head for the foothills of New Hampshire for gainful employment. The La Salette Missionaries had just acquired this sprawling Shaker property, vacated some years before by its industrious former proprietors. It clearly needed some nailing down and sprucing up.

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