The Structure of the Discourse of the Apparition

Mary's Message in her Apparition at La Saleette is so simple and direct that two little children could understand it.  Yet in order to be fully appreciated, it is beneficial to look carefully at each section of her message to examine precisely what she says.

The following outline looks at her message from different perspectives.

First:  The Structure - outlines the specific content of the message;

Second:  The Message - divides the message into topical sections;

Third:  The Audience - specifies to whom she is speaking, whether to a universal audience, to the children or to one specific child;

Fourth:  The Language - the language she uses can indicatae who is her intended audience; for example, her use of French in the opening and conclusion of her message can indicate that this is a message for a universal audience; also her use of the rural dialect can indicate that she cares about our ordinary daily lives and wants to speak to the two children and to us in familiar, understandable language.

This Study has been researched by Fr. Roger Castel, M.S. and Fr. Donald Paradis, M.S.  The present format was designed by Fr. Ron Gagne, M. S. 

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